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Avast! The Captain Brings the Brews on Wednesday!
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Avast! The Captain Brings the Brews on Wednesday!

May 6, 2015 @ 3:00 pm - 11:55 pm

Blind Tiger Ale House

  281 Bleecker St., New York, NY10014

I’m so glad we shifted our annual Captain Lawrence Brewing Company event from March to May. Why? In March we’re completely done with snow and cold, and literally begging for warmth. And of course the Lenten month of sacrifice teases us with some t-shirt weather, followed by snow, freezing rain, and those numbing winds that always seem to be against us. April tends to be all over the place as well, whipsawing between 55 and 75, unable to make up its mind. All of that back and forth, puts everyone in lousy mood, including Captain-in-Chief, Scott Vaccaro.

In May, however, the weather shifts for good, and New Yorkers strip down for one of the best months of the year, not too hot and not too cold – Goldilocks favorite beer drinking weather. And nothing warms the heart of a professional brewer like weather that begs you to reach for a cold one. I know it’s just a theory, but how else do you explain the fact that since we began hosting Scott and company in May, we’ve been getting a lot more of his barrel-aged beers? In March of yore, we were lucky to get a couple. This year he’s sending us five, including Black Sour, Rosso, Cuvee, Golden Delicious, and Ye Old Limey, the beer Katherine and I helped brew last spring.

Yes, somebody’s in a good mood, the kind of spontaneous outpouring of generosity and good will that can be quite contagious, as those of you who show up on Wednesday, May 6th, at 3pm, will find out. We’ll also be on the receiving end of some kegs I have yet to try – like their new session beer, Effortless IPA – and I love tasting new things. So please join Scott and I as we break out our flip flops and usher in what will hopefully be the beginning of one beautiful day after another, and toast the fact that winter – particularly this record-setting one – is dead and buried.


Tap List

  • Captain Lawrence Anglers Son White IPA
  • Captain Lawrence Black Sour
  • Captain Lawrence Ye Old Limey
  • Captain Lawrence Golden Delicious 2014
  • Captain Lawrence Rosso
  • Captain Lawrence Cuvee
  • Captain Lawrence Beam Me Up Scotch Ale
  • Captain Lawrence Hotter than Helles
  • Captain Lawrence Effortless IPA
  • Captain Lawrence Palate Shifter (formerly known as Captain’s Reserve Imperial IPA)
  • Captain Lawrence Seeking Alpha
  • Captain Lawrence Black IPA
  • Captain Lawrence Xtra Gold
  • Captain Lawrence Irish Stout
  • Captain Lawrence Hop Commander IPA
  • Captain Lawrence Kolsch
  • Captain Lawrence Sunblock



Date: May 6, 2015

Time: 3:00 pm - 11:55 pm



Blind Tiger Ale House
  281 Bleecker St., New York, NY10014

(212) 462-4682