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HOT ‘n’ SOUR Weekend!

August 21, 2015 - August 23, 2015

The Sampler

  234 Starr St., Brooklyn, NY11237

It’s a Sour kinda August. Hot, sweaty, humid, and just gross enough to make you feel like a grump. Add in the last of summer, back to school, and your boss coming back and telling you how great that six weeks in the Caribbean was. Blech.
Let’s shed our sour mood with some sour beers! We’ll be taking over several taps, designing some fancy flights, and sharing some special sour bottles all weekend long.

Friday: Taps begin!
Saturday: Flights of Fancy and more taps
Sunday: Bottle share!

We’re set to have a good time. Y’all should come, too!
Don’t forget, Torst is also setting up a Sour event that weekend, too. Aren’t you in luck!

Confirmed beers thus far:

  • Finback Plumb and Proper BRETT
  • Rushing Duck INTERLOPER Orangeweisse
  • Ithaca CranBretty
  • Evil Twin James Beer
  • Threes/Greenport Brett Duck Porter
  • St. Somewhere/Late Start Wayward Corsair
  • Grimm Gradient

We’ve got some special drafts we’re hoping to have just in the nick of time, too. And maybe a few bottles! See you soon!



Start: August 21, 2015

End: August 23, 2015


The Sampler
  234 Starr St., Brooklyn, NY11237

(718) 484-3560