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Kulmbacher Biertag at Brouwerij Lane
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Kulmbacher Biertag at Brouwerij Lane

August 6, 2016 @ 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Brouwerij Lane

  78 Greenpoint Ave., Brooklyn, NY11222

Guten Tag Alles!

Come by noon till late to celebrate Bierwoche comes to NYC at Brouwerij Lane! But wait, what the what?? What the hell is a Bierwoche?!? It’s literally translated ‘beer week’ in German, and it’s an annual celebration in the small Franconian town of Kulmbach for the local drinkers and fans of Kulmbacher Brauerie that takes place between the last weekend of July till the First weekend of August! In honour of this most auspicious occasion, Kim and the crew have agreed to host this celebration here in good Ol’ Greenpoint for the first time!

Why, you ask? We ask, why not?!? It will be supremely hot, so why not imbibe some of the best of Bavarian lagers whilst listening to the Deutche tunes of a Bock Monsieur?! He’ll just be back from partying in Kulmbach with a box of freshly purchased german Schlager und uber Diskow tünes! Plus it’s a perfect excuse to rehearse for Oktoberfest;) We’ll have sausages and other goodies to snack on to keep it going and plenty of Kulmbacher gear ro giveaway!

On tap we will have:

  • Kulmbacher Eisbock
    the premier Eisbock that happened because the brewers forgot to bring in a barrel of their bock bier inside on a cold winter’s night. As happy accidents go, it was a hit after they blended the frozen sugary alcoholic ice distiller liquid with their regular bock bier.
  • Mönchshof Festbier
    brewed specially for the Bierwoche Festival, this special lager beer is brewed for the occasion. Slightly richer and weightier than the city’s everyday brews, but supremely quaffable, it’s made to be consumed in in the classic liter stein. Mönchshof Festbier is, we think, the best of the four local Kulmbach favorites featured at Bier Woche – dark golden, firmly malty & round, but quite well-hopped, resulting in that unrivalled balance typical of a Franconian lager.
  • Kapuziner Weiss
    Another supremely drinkable selection from Kulmbach. This wonderfully balanced weißbier is made in the traditional fashion, using roughly equal portions of wheat and barley malt, a small dose of of fresh hops and a special yeast that produces wonderful fruity flavors. It matches a yeasty, citrus tang with a spicy complexity and a surprising light, almost tropical fruitiness. Malted wheat guarantees a big head that just won’t go away and gives a firm, yet silky texture. Live yeast is left unfiltered to give the beer a hazy glow that is powerfully seductive.
  • Mönchshof Schwarzbier
    Considered by legendary beer journalist, Michael Jackson as the ‘world classic Black Beer’, this is a brewing wonder and a beer lover’s dream! Kulmbacher “black beer” is the classic and best example of this famous style. Supremely drinkable, dry and beautifully hopped, yet loaded with dark roasted malt flavor. Known locally as “the black Pils” because it is unusually dry for a dark lager, it is the essential companion to the meaty regional specialties of Kulmbach, Germany. But whether you are a confirmed vegetarian or an unrepentant carnivore, this is a beer to be enjoyed with any hearty meal. Its exquisite balance is a remarkable brewing achievement and an enduring mystery — how can such a dark, rich flavored brew be so light and easy to drink?


Maybe you’ll see us all wear Lederhosen’s around 🙂



Date: August 6, 2016

Time: 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm



Brouwerij Lane
  78 Greenpoint Ave., Brooklyn, NY11222

(347) 529-6133