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Maine Beer Co. & Oxbow Brewing Night
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Maine Beer Co. & Oxbow Brewing Night

February 25, 2016 @ 3:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Blind Tiger Ale House

  281 Bleecker St., New York, NY10014

Maine – the way life should be. This motto greets you each time you cross the state line – a welcome reminder that you’re entering a place where everything from the food to the landscape is remarkable. These days it’s hard to think about Maine without thinking of the vibrant beer culture that has put this Vacationland on the top of any craft beer lover’s list. And, two breweries in particular are always worth the trip north: Maine Beer Company and Oxbow Brewing. This Thursday, February 25th, we’re excited to say that both breweries will be stopping by our Blind Tiger Vacationland.

Maine Beer Company lives up to their credo to “do what’s right” through their commitment to a sustainable, symbiotic relationship between their brewery and the planet. Northeast of Maine Beer Company, Oxbow brews small batches of traditional Belgian-style ales with contemporary American influence in a renovated barn in rural Newcastle. Oxbow beers can be enjoyed in Newcastle, or in their blending and bottling facility in Portland, which is home to the barrels and tanks where they age their funky and sour beers. The warehouse has a large urban tasting room located in the bustling section of the city where East Bayside meets Munjoy Hill, and is a a key ingredient to the growing brewing community there. And, as an additional regional treat, we’ve added an Urban Farm Fermentory (UFF) cider to the list.

Of course, we haven’t forgotten that it’s New York City Beer Week. And we certainly haven’t forgotten how thankful we are to be a part of this AMAZING, growing and thriving beer culture here in the city. You complete us. We’ll be offering a rotating list all week, featuring beers from NYC, NY State, some State Malt and State Hops (SMaSH) beers, as well as other delicious beers from all over the country. Drop in anytime and you will see favorites from: Transmitter, Bridge & Tunnel, Other Half, Barrier, Empire, Captain Lawrence, Threes, Rushing Duck, Ithaca, Peekskill, Big Alice, Carton, Bacchus, Coney Island, Ommegang, Finnback, Greenport Harbor, Grimm, Kuka , Brooklyn, Schmaltz, Montauk, Gun Hill, Sixpoint, LIC, Kelso, Third Rail, Hill Farmstead, Lost Nation, Allagash, Tired Hands, Beanery, Kent Falls , Firestone Walker, Dogfish Head, Green Flash, Almanac, Stillwater, Trinity, Sierra Nevada, Greenpoint, Stone, Smuttynose, Avery, Evil Twin, Knee Deep, Bell’s, Victory, Crooked Stave, Alpine, Sloop, Two Roads, Anderson Valley, North Coast, Maui, Maine Beer Co., Oxbow, Singlecut and more!

So, join us this Thursday beginning at 3:00pm for a taste of Maine, and at any point during NYC Beer Week for a taste of NYC’s finest.

Beer List

  • Maine Beer Co. Tiny Beautiful Something
  • Maine Beer Co. Zoe
  • Maine Beer Co. Peeper
  • Maine Beer Co. Mo
  • Maine Beer Co. King Titus
  • Maine Beer Co. Weez
  • Maine Beer Co. Lunch
  • Maine Beer Co. Another One
  • Oxbow Farmhouse Pale Ale
  • Oxbow Bourbon Barrel-aged Farmhouse Pale Ale
  • Oxbow Bourdeux Barrel-aged Farmhouse Pale Ale
  • Oxbow Town Line
  • Oxbow Momoko
  • Oxbow Return Max
  • Oxbow Crossfade
  • Urban Farm Fermentory (UFF) Cider



Date: February 25, 2016

Time: 3:00 pm - 10:00 pm



Blind Tiger Ale House
  281 Bleecker St., New York, NY10014

(212) 462-4682