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Sierra Nevada Brewery 35th Anniversary Party at Fools Gold
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Sierra Nevada Brewery 35th Anniversary Party at Fools Gold

August 19, 2015 @ 4:20 pm - 11:00 pm

Fools Gold

  145 E Houston St., New York, NY10002

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to the brewery that started me on craft beer and WHAT a fucking privilege it is to host such an event at my bar. I’m sure there are many out there like me that started with a Pale Ale from Sierra.

So, I invite you and your friends to come celebrate the anniversary, THAT IS, the legend, that is SIERRA NEVADA Brewing Company.

Not so long ago I tasted my first beer at DBA in the east village and that beer was Sierra Nevada ‘Pale Ale’. From there I made my way to the old Blind Tiger with a bug of what I can only describe as an awakening to flavorful beer!

Gone are the days of shitty beers thanks to Ray Dieter (RIP) & Dave Broderick (Tiger).

12 years later I’m proud to say that, not only am I still drinking their beer but pouring it at my bars and this event is an amazing honor for me to host and drink with you and lets introduce newbies to the Craft Beer Revolution!

Had fun at Sierra Beer Camp, so much respect, learned a ton, love you Sierra and man, what an experience I had when I went and done ‘Beer Camp’, such a facility, so green and man, SUCH PASSION!

We are spoiled with choice these days and don’t get me wrong, we are living in glorious beer days, but these days may not have happened without the Grossman family risks, experimentation and their influence on the Renaissance days of the Craft Beer Revolution and well, quite honestly people like me and you would be drinking shit without their influence! 😉

Come raise a glass with me and the crew to a milestone in the craft beer revolution and the family that is Sierra Nevada, much love!

Wednesday night PEOPLE, LETS DO THIS!!

30 Beers on tap – 2 Cask ales & 3 Rare Ass-Bottles!!

  1. Pale Ale
  2. Torpedo IPA
  3. Oktoberfest
  4. Hop Hunter
  5. Nooner
  6. Kellerweis
  7. Porter
  8. Summerfest
  9. Ovila Quad w/ Plums
  10. Southern Hem
  11. Newly Developed Hop IPA
  12. Bigfoot
  13. Narwhal
  14. Scotch
  15. Hoptimum
  16. India Farmhouse Ale
  17. BA Bigfoot
  18. Bigfoot 2014
  19. Bigfoot 2013
  20. Jimmy’s Black Box
  21. Close Call Kolsch
  22. Blue Baltic
  23. Common Around
  24. Side Car Amber
  25. Audition Session IPA
  26. BA Ovila Tripel
  27. BA Double Dubbel
  28. Blond Ale
  29. Kolsch
  30. Torpedo IPA (Cask-Ale)
  31. Porter (Cask-Ale)
  32. Life and Limb 2009
  33. Life and Limb 2011
  34. Brux 2012
  35. Stout

Let’s do this people,



Date: August 19, 2015

Time: 4:20 pm - 11:00 pm



Fools Gold
  145 E Houston St., New York, NY10002

(212) 673-2337