New Release: Sixpoint Sensi Harvest Wet Hop Ale

New Release: Sixpoint Sensi Harvest Wet Hop Ale

Posted on October 6, 2015 by NYCBG

Sixpoint Brewery announced their latest release in the Cycliquids series today. Sixpoint Sensi Harvest is a wet hop ale brewed with fresh, whole cone Amarillo and Cascade hops from Double R Hop Ranches.

Wet hops ales are popping up in the market this time of year as it is harvest time. Brewing beer with fresh, wet hops has become increasingly popular over the past several years, with more breweries creating a small-run wet hop offering in early autumn.

What are the advantages of brewing with wet hops? Sixpoint Brewery explains:

Like most any plant or spice, hop flowers begin to wilt soon after they are harvested. To preserve the essential flavors, most hops used year round have been dried and pelletized. Beers made with dried hops and pellets are obviously amazing, but there are certain intrinsic qualities and flavors of wet-hops that are inevitably altered in the hop kilns.

Sensi Harvest clocks in at 6.3% ABV, 64 IBUs, and 10 SRM. It’s available now, and it’s a beer you’ll want to enjoy as fresh as possible. According to Sixpoint, “Cracking open a SENSI literally smells like tearing into a fresh hop cone. We hope you’re as stoked as we are.”

Sixpoint Brewery Sensi 2015 Wet Hop Ale


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