New Releases: Special Brews for Mission Dolores’ Fifth Anniversary

Image credit: Brooklyn Magazine

New Releases: Special Brews for Mission Dolores’ Fifth Anniversary

Posted on April 1, 2015 by NYCBG

As the fine folks at Mission Dolores gear up to celebrate their fifth anniversary today, they’ll be connecting their tap lines to a slew of rare craft beers (offerings from breweries such as Almanac,To Øl, Mikkeller, oh and Cantillon. Full list here). Two of those rare beers are of particular interest, because they were brewed by Other Half Brewing Co. and Barrier Brewing Co. specially for the occasion.

Mission Dolores will be pouring Other Half’s Greenbacks IPA along with Barrier’s Sprucial Anamoly. Both beers are personal and unique; manager Crimson Krier-Glading worked closely with both breweries throughout the initial conception of the beers, all the way through the actual brewing process. The result was two interesting beers that are meant to be enjoyed as a dessert (like cake! Beer cake is a thing, right?).

Both beers were commissioned by Mission Dolores and will only be available at the bar. This is their third year partnering with local breweries to create unique, one-off beers for an anniversary celebration. Previous anniversary parties featured The Prime Directive, a kölsch dry-hopped with lemongrass by Captain Lawrence, and Tiny Dancer, a session IPA by Other Half.

The tap lines will be flowing for the Mission Dolores Fifth Anniversary Party today beginning at 2pm. Get the full event details here.


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