The Wall Street Journal Covers New York City’s Brewing Scene

The Wall Street Journal Covers New York City’s Brewing Scene

Posted on January 26, 2015 by NYCBG

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article about the “New York brewing renaissance.” The article highlights the 8 brewing facilities that opened in 2014 (in case you lost track, they are: Threes Brewing, Other Half Brewing Co., Folksbier Brewery, Transmitter Brewing, Finback Brewery, Gun Hill Brewing Company, Bronx Brewery).

Despite the economic hardships of starting a brewery in NYC (<cough> rent <cough>), the WSJ points out that more than two dozen breweries and brew pubs have opened in the last 30 months.

Not since the early 1960s, when nearly 10% of the nation’s beer was produced in Brooklyn, has the city seen this much brewing activity.

The Wall Street Journal

The success of so many new craft breweries has depended on the loyalty of dedicated craft beer fans like pretty much everyone reading this. Steve Hindy of Brooklyn Brewery points out that many of the big craft beer states like Vermont, Oregon and Michigan “are very loyal to their local brands… New Yorkers want the best of everything, and many do not care where it comes from.” Local drinkers are finding that a lot of the best craft beer is being made right here in the 5 boroughs, and bars and restaurants are taking note, stacking their taps with craft beer that is suitable for social outings or fine dining experiences.

Long story short, craft beer has been, and still is exploding. And it doesn’t look like that’s going to be slowing down any time soon.

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