Grimm Re-Releasing Tesseract and Bourbon Barrel Double Negative

Grimm Re-Releasing Tesseract and Bourbon Barrel Double Negative

Posted on November 17, 2015 by NYCBG

Grimm announced that they will be re-releasing two of their favorite beers this week.

First up is Batch #2 of Bourbon Barrel Aged Double Negative. Grimm has stated that this batch is superior to the previous batch in “balance and mouthfeel, tasting every bit like the bourbon-infused big brother of our two-year consecutive GABF champion imperial stout.” (If you’re wondering, that whole GABF champion bit is in reference Double Negative winning gold this year and silver last year at GABF in the imperial stout category.)

Second up is a familiar beer in brand new packaging. Hot on the heels of two recent DIPA can releases (Afterimage and Pulse Wave), Tesseract is receiving a sleek aluminum coat. This is batch number three of the beer, and promises to be as good as ever.

Grimm announced that the beers will be available this week, however, unlike the previous DIPA can releases, they will not be giving a list of retailers selling the new beers. (It’s probably a safe bet to refer to previous retail lists, which you can find here and here.)

Oh snap the new tesseract cans look dope! Shipping Monday, in shops by like Wednesday or Thursday.

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